Acupressure for Height Increase

posted on: 2021-10-12 14:31:55

Acupressure for Height Increase

People use a variety of strategies to grow their height, each of which has fewer benefits and more drawbacks. Every human body can grow at any age in such a condition. Some people appear tall before reaching a certain age, whereas others' height does not rise with age. Many parents are concerned that their children will not grow taller. People, on the other hand, have devised a solution to this problem. They have begun to use a variety of health supplements and medicines to grow their height swiftly. However, they can have negative side effects. In this circumstance, Acupressure is a very simple and safe approach to gain height.

Reason for not increasing height

Calcium and Vitamin Deficiency: Children's heights do not reach their full potential due to a lack of calcium. They must be fed a calcium-rich diet in this condition. Milk, cheese, and almonds should be provided to children to make up for their calcium shortage.


How can Acupressure help?

There are 10 points on the hand; these 10 points will help eliminate the blockage and eventually increase height.

Let's Mark the points now

1st and 2nd points are on the upper joint of the middle finger.

The third point is on the centre of the palm in between the ring and middle finger.

4th point is on the tip of the thumb

The 5th and 6th points are on the back of the hand.

7th point is located on the back of the middle finger

8th, 9th, 10th points are on the back of the thumb.

See the image for the exact location of the points.

Now we will stimulate the points with the help of the acupressure machine, switch on the machine at 1 number and stimulate for 10-15 seconds on each point as shown in the image.

We will put magnets on all these points such that the first 15 days are of activation and the other 15 days are of tonification.

For activation, we will put star magnets on each point, as shown in the image.

And for Tonification, we will put a pure magnet such that the yellow side should touch the skin on all the 10 points as shown in the image.

 We will add on the power of chakra along with this treatment to get more effective results

1st, We will take the indigo pyramid, which is related to the third eye chakra, which includes the pituitary gland, which secretes growth hormone. Take the indigo pyramid and fill it water overnight, and drink that water the next day, half in the morning and a half in the night.

2nd we will take the red pyramid and drink its water after 15 minutes of drinking indigo pyramid water. The red colour is associated with mool adhar chakra, which helps give strength to the bones of the body.

3rd we use a yellow pyramid for those people who have weak digestion. Drink yellow pyramid water in the afternoon for effective results

If You do this treatment regularly, you will see an increase in height yourself.

For children of age group 9-12 years will see results in 7-21 days

For children of age group 12-15 years will see results in 15- 90 days

And children above 15 years of age will see results from 1 month - 1 year.


Start this treatment as soon as possible to get the relief at the earliest.

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