Acupressure for Diabetes

posted on: 2021-10-07 14:46:33

Acupressure for Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the world's most common lifestyle disorders. It has an impact on millions of people in India alone. To keep their blood sugar levels stable and under control, people with type 2 diabetes must be exceedingly picky about what they eat. A person's health can be jeopardized by a blood sugar increase.

Diabetes symptoms that aren't managed properly can cause irreversible harm to crucial organs. Despite the global trend in the use of complementary and alternative therapies, little research has looked into the efficacy of self-acupressure in diabetics.

The key to keeping diabetes and its symptoms under control is to eat a nutritious diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. The ancient Asian technique of acupressure, on the other hand, can aid in the treatment and control of diabetes so that it does not disrupt your daily routine.


How to treat diabetes with acupressure?

First a fall we will stimulate the points on the hand

These points on the hand represent the upper digestive system of the body. stimulating these points will activate the pancreas and helps in boosting insulin production in the body, also these points help in stimulating the Stomach, Liver, Spleen and Gall Bladder which eventually increases the metabolism of the body and helps in controlling sugar levels

We have to give pressure on the middle zone of both hands to stimulate these points. See the image below for details

Many suffer from Eye Problems, numbness in the hand and feet which is also known as Diabetic neuropathy.

To treat this problem we use an acupressure stick on all the fingers of both hands

Just take a stick and roll on each side of every finger i.e both sides, front and back of the finger

See the image for details-

Start this treatment you will see the results from the 1st day itself and after 7 days you will see a drastic change.

For the hand treatment, those people who can't put enough pressure can use acupressure Blue ball 20 minutes before a meal for 2 minutes. see the image 

You can also use a Diabetic roller. The left side of the naval helps in controlling the sugar level.

The right side of the naval helps in controlling fatty liver and cholesterol.

Roll the roller for 5 minutes on both sides of the stomach every day 20-25 minutes before a meal.

See the image for details.

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You can also use an acupressure ring along with this treatment for diabetic neuropathy. Roll this ring on all fingers for one minute twice a day

It will help in improving oxygen supply in the arms and legs.

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See the image for details.

Start this treatment as soon as possible to get the relief at the earliest.

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